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May 05, 2018   Leave a Comment Articles, The Originals

TV Line has named Daniel their performer of the week for his performance in the last episode of The Originals!

THE PERFORMER | Daniel Gillies

THE SHOW | The Originals

THE EPISODE | “Ne Me Quitte Pas” (May 2, 2018)

THE PERFORMANCE | Devoting an entire episode of television to a single character is always risky, but it becomes considerably less so when that character is played by The Originals‘ Daniel Gillies.

Easily one of The CW’s most underrated actors, Gillies took fans on a satisfying journey in Wednesday’s episode, following his character’s ill-advised decision to have his memory wiped. Gillies introduced us to a new Elijah Mikaelson, now a deeply troubled “human” slowly discovering the truth about his darker impulses. It really felt as though Elijah was finally understanding himself for the first time, like that iconic scene in Bambi where the young fawn encountered his first butterfly — only Bambi didn’t drain the butterfly of its blood and steal its pickup truck.

The compelling hour — part origin story, part slice-of-life — also introduced a new romance for Elijah, which Gillies and scene partner Jaime Murray sold as if we’d been watching their relationship simmer for years. “Finally!” you thought when she accepted his proposal, as if you’d been waiting for that moment since the pilot. It was a testament to the actors’ vulnerability, with Gillies particularly opening up to reveal nearly as much about his character in a single episode as we’ve learned since he debuted on The Vampire Diaries in Nov. 2010.

Wednesday’s episode culminated in Elijah’s confrontation with his brother, an exchange made all the more heartbreaking thanks to the emotional groundwork Gillies laid over the course of the hour. With The Originals‘ series finale just a few months away, this episode will be a heck of a way to remember Elijah Mikaelson.

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